The Blue Crew Summer Adventure (Kids 8 to 12 years old)


Get kids away from the glowing screens and out of the land of “I’m bored” with Blue Baboon Books’ summer day camps! Our Blue Crew Summer Adventures are designed to keep kids’ brains working.


Our afternoon sessions are designed for kids 8 to 12 years old. We’ll meet from 1 to 5 p.m. on Tuesdays and celebrate a different theme each week (descriptions below) with crafts, storytimes, songs, snacks, writing, and games. Each camper gets a free Blue Crew t-shirt, too!


Camps are $30 per session. If you sign up for all four camps in June or all four camps in July, the cost is $108. If you sign up for all eight camps in June and July, the cost is $200.


These camps are designed for parents to drop off kids at Blue Baboon Books, so please let us know if your child has any special needs, allergies, or any other considerations. Once your spot is purchased, it is nonrefundable. However, you may transfer your spot to another week or another person — subject to availability. Each adventure is limited to 10 campers.


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Be the Change Social Justice (June 5): We will talk about leaders of social change throughout history, social justice issues in our community, and what we can do to enact social change. We will also choose a topic and plan of action on a specific social-justice issue.


Jedi Academy (June 12): The force will be with us during this intergalactic adventure. We’ll talk about the various themes in Star Wars and the character attributes of Jedi knights. Then we will play games to enhance our Jedi senses and work on some Star Wars origami projects.


Get a Clue (June 19): We’ll be puzzling and riddling our way through a storewide scavenger hunt, and we’ll break up into teams to create puzzles for each other!


The Camp that Shall Not Be Named (June 26): Potterheads rejoice! We’ll be spending the entire afternoon with Harry Potter trivia, crafts, storytelling, snacking, and more!


Camp Halfblood (July 3): We’ll explore Rick Riordan’s version of the Greeks, Romans, and Vikings in this afternoon of mythological madness. It’ll be an afternoon of crafts, learning, and snacking! Join us as we dive into the world of Percy Jackson, his friends, and his enemies.


Young Writers (July 10): Do you have a story that’s bursting to get out of you? Or maybe you have a way with words and just need a way to express it. Or perhaps you’re looking to develop and hone your creative writing skills. We’ll explore the different parts of a story, how to plan a plot, and we’ll be doing some group writing and individual stories. This adventure is for writers who are interested in prose and poetry.


Strange Phenomenon (July 17): Bigfoot, Lochness, and Aliens — Are they real or just a myth? We’ll examine the evidence and conspiracy theories, and we’ll form our own opinions. We’ll also examine other strange phenomena from around the universe.


Innovation Station (July 24): It’s a celebration of all things STEM — science, technology, engineering, and math. We’ll be building, creating, and innovating in this afternoon adventure. We’ll also end our afternoon with a team competition!

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Be the Change Social Justice (June 5), Jedi Academy (June 12), Get a Clue (June 19), The Camp that Shall Not Be Named (June 26), All four June adventures, Camp Halfblood (July 3), Young Writers (July 10), Strange Phenomenon (July 17), Innovation Station (July 24), All four July adventures, All eight June and July adventures