Sizzling Summer Book Fairs

Schedule a summer book fair with Blue Baboon Books!
Sports camps, day camps, academic camps, latchkey programs, or childcare centers can encourage summer reading for their kids with Blue Baboon Books! Our book fairs are fun for families and an easy way for your organization to earn fundraising dollars or free books.

   Total Amount of Sales       Blue Baboon Bucks*               Cash           
$1000 or less 20% 10%
$1001 to $1500 25% 12%
$1501-$2500 30% 15%
$2501 or more 40% 20%

Blue Baboon book fairs and events are super easy and low-maintenance for you. No setup. No volunteer coordination. No minimum sales. All you’ll need to do is clear a spot in your parking lot for the mobile store!

We’re putting together our summer calendar, and we’d love to include your organization. Schedule your summer book fair or event with Blue Baboon Books. Contact Sara Ornelas at or (316) 413-2400.

*Blue Baboon Bucks can be used toward any items in the Blue Baboon Books mobile store or at One Blue Baboon Buck = $1.

Rewards just got real!

Better book fairs, better rewards!

Blue Baboon Books has increased its rewards program to give schools the opportunity to earn even more books or cash! Schools can now earn up to 42% of their sales in brand-new books! The new rewards structure is as follows:

Total Amount of Sales Blue Baboon Bucks* Cash
$1000 or less 20% 10%
$1001 to $1500 25% 12%
$1501-$2500 30% 15%
$2501 or more 40% 20%

Additionally, schools can earn an extra 2% in Blue Baboon Bucks or cash when they book an additional Blue Baboon Books event or book fair within six months of the initial event!

What are the advantages of a Blue Baboon Books mobile book fair or family engagement event?

  • No volunteer coordination.
  • No setup.
  • No minimum sales.
  • Blue Baboon Books is a local Wichita-based small business. Not only will your school get great rewards, but all profits earned by Blue Baboon Books stay local, going to schools and other local businesses. Shopping local makes Wichita stronger!
To schedule a Blue Baboon Books book fair or event, contact Sara Ornelas at or (316) 413-2400.
*Blue Baboon Bucks can be used toward any items in the Blue Baboon Books mobile store or at One Blue Baboon Buck = $1.

Oh, baby! Books for new parents and babies …

Behind hugs and snuggles, books were probably my most useful parenting tools when my boys were little. When we had a busy or tantrum-filled day, a little “Green Eggs and Ham” always helped us to reboot and reconnect. When fevers or sniffles invaded our home, Little Critter and Franklin always gave us some relaxing snuggle time. At bedtime, “Goodnight, Moon” and “The Going to Bed Book” were helpful in winding down. We must have read thousands upon thousands of books.

Today my boys are a bit bigger, we still read chapter books out loud to each other, but I will always cherish our time our rocking chair reading and rhyming and singing and giggling.

You can create those moments for you and your baby, too. Or maybe you know someone who’s expecting. Create a registry at Blue Baboon Books, and you can build a lovely library for baby!

A few tips on early reading ….

  • It’s never too early to start reading. The earlier, the better. I started reading to my little ones the day they came home from the hospital. Early reading stimulates language development, but more importantly reading to baby helps baby associate affection with books. That association will create a lifelong warm fuzzy feeling with literature.
  • You don’t have to read boring books. Read books that you like. It’s okay if they’re above your child’s comprehension. Just hearing the cadence of the words is helpful. I mean, I don’t recommend “Fifty Shades of Gray” or anything, but there are some quality kids books that are fun for parents to read.
  • Keep books where baby can reach them as he or she becomes mobile. And to avoid damaging books, stick to board books. They’re sturdy!
  • Make reading part of your baby’s daily routine. Make it a point to read before bedtime, before or after nap time, or after meals.

Get all the books baby needs at Blue Baboon Books. Check out the lists of Best Baby Shower Books and Best Bedtime Books, and create a gift registry to let people know. If you’re buying books for an expectant couple, add the basket package to your order to make your gift extra special!

Blue Baboon Books in the Schools

One of the best things about Blue Baboon Books is working with schools on book fairs and events. I get to meet some amazing kiddos and their families, which gives me so much optimism about the future of our world. Whenever I hear someone rant about “Kids these days …,” followed by some generalized complaint about youth being lazy or unmotivated or spoiled or blah-blah-blah, I have to wonder what focus group was used; because the kids I meet are brilliant, boisterous, curious, enthusiastic, polite, empathetic, thoughtful, and inspirational.

Thumbs up to the village raising each child … mom, dad, sisters, brothers, aunties, uncles, grandparents, teachers, neighbors, mentors, and random strangers. You’re doing a good job with this generation.

I also love being able to give something back to the schools, teachers, and classrooms. For each event or book fair at the school, schools earn rewards: 10% of the sales in cash or 20% of the sales in brand-new books! It feels good to be able to give something to all the hardworking teachers and administrators who do so much for our kids! If your school, PTO, or PTA is interested in scheduling a book fair or event with Blue Baboon Books, contact Sara Ornelas (me) at or (316) 413-2400; or fill out the form below.


It’s the boss’ birthday. You get the gifts.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of my 23rd birthday, we’re offering 20 percent off all books in the Sara’s Favorite’s list through Jan. 31.

Use coupon code SARA20 at checkout to redeem this discount. 


I absolutely love to read. I mean, obviously … I started a bookstore to make my addiction tax deductible. I probably read about 100 books a year. Maybe more. Maybe a bit less.

Some are okay. Some are good. And some become part of my soul. They move me. They’ve changed my life and the way I look at the world. I often reread these because I miss the characters, who feel like old friends.

Those are the books that are on Sara’s Favorite’s list. They fit into several categories: little ones all the way through a few grown-up books. They’re books that I want to share with you, because I know you’ll love them as much as I do.

And this week only, I want to give you a bit of extra incentive to read them: 20 percent off! Read well, my friends!

Literary Love for Valentine’s Day

Turn a favorite book into a celebration of literary love! Add this package to any book on the Blue Baboon Books website, and we’ll wrap it up in a sweet Valentine basket and deliver it to your love. Baskets include a plush toy, candy, and variety of Valentine’s trinkets (an assortment of pens, pencils, or writing pads) — all wrapped up in loving decor.


  1. Add the VALENTINE’S PACKAGE to your shopping cart.
  2. Pick out a book that your loved one will enjoy, and add it to your shopping cart. It doesn’t have to be a lovey-dovey book. It can be any book you think the recipient will enjoy.
  3. Pay for your items through the online checkout process.
  4. Add the details on when and where you’d like the package delivered in the NOTES section when you check out. Additionally, include a few words for the card.  (Please note: Some schools do not allow packages delivered to students, so please check with your child’s school if that’s where you’d like the package delivered.)
All baskets and books must be ordered by 5 p.m. Feb. 7. 
Any questions? Call (316) 413-2400.
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