Free books for schools!

At the beginning of 2017, Blue Baboon Books set a goal of giving away $5000 worth of books or cash for the year. It’s only May, and we’ve already given $3776 to area schools!

So we think we set the bar too low. We’re raising the expectation. Our 2017 goal is now to give $7000 in books or cash to area schools. That includes public schools, private schools, or daycare and preschool facilities.

Do you want some free books? All you have to do is set up a book fair or event with Blue Baboon Books, and you can earn up to 43% of your sales in free books!

And Blue Baboon Books fairs and events are so easy! No volunteer coordination. No setup. And no sales minimums. Just give us a place to park our mobile store, and you’re all set!

Invite Blue Baboon Books to your school for parent-teacher conferences, open house, STEM night, literacy night, any kind of family engagement event, picnics, fundraisers, carnivals, or any event that families will attend. It’s a fantastic way to get books into your students’ hands and send them off in a lifetime journey of literacy!

For more information on book fairs, events, and rewards, visit our book fair page.