Blue Baboon Books is now offering in-school book fairs!

You asked for it, you got it! Blue Baboon Books will now be offering traditional in-school book fairs! We still have the same great perks:

  • No set-up for you.
  • No volunteer coordination.
  • No sales minimums.
  • Earn up to 43% of your sales in brand-new books!

Blue Baboon Books will set up in your library or other high-traffic location. And of course, we handle everything: setup, sales, teardown, and bookkeeping. We also provide our own tables, bookshelves, and supplies.

In-school book fairs will be available beginning in December 2017. And we will continue to offer our mobile bookstore as an option for schools as well.

To schedule either an in-school book fair or mobile bookstore event, contact Sara Ornelas at (316) 721-5477 or